Mini pigs


Being Nice During Training is Key

Do you already have a teacup pig or are you thinking of getting one?  If so, people fromKentuckyand any other state for that matter will have to learn how to raise their teacup pig in the proper manner.  Yes, that’s right you will have to train your teacup pig just like you would have to train any pet that you welcome into your household.  Sure there is a level of commitment that comes with getting a teacup pig, but no different than the responsibility that you would have if you were raising a cat or dog.  You will find that many of the same principles used to train those kinds of animals will definitely correlate when you are training your teacup pig.  Right off the bat your teacup pig will surprise you with their intelligence.  InKentuckyyou are probably used to the intelligence of horses and we think you will see many parallels between the two.  This makes training teacup pigs a lot quicker of a process as they will pick up on things pretty quickly.  The basics of training are really the key because they set the foundations for all aspects of ownership.

The main thing to keep in mind when you are training your teacup pig is to remain even tempered and never outwardly try and intimidate the teacup pig.  This will not get your relationship off to a good start and to be honest it will lead to your pig being petrified of you which is not what you want on any level.  The teacup pig will just shut down in these cases and it will become impossible to reach them on any kind of productive level.  As with any training of an animal start with the basics and build on their progress every day.  Once they have achieved a certain level of understanding about a certain topic then you can move on, but only move on once they have established that they understand.

Your teacup pigs respond to kindness and that is really the long and short of it. It is not a bad idea to use a good amount of praise when they accomplish a goal that they have been striving for.  Just like you would with a cat or a dog, positive reinforcement is never a bad thing during your training.  Heck, even humans react well to positive reinforcement through food so it stands to reason that our animal counterparts would react the same way.

Just be kind and patient with your teacup pig and they will be up to speed with your wishes in no time.  Some of us are just kind to animals by nature, but some of us are just by nature very demanding and while we never mean to harm anyone we could intimidate them through our actions which is what you want to avoid doing to your teacup pig at all costs.